Simone Sloan’s mantra is “Voice, Power, & Confidence.” She is a goal-oriented business owner with a passion for achieving positive results. As an emotional intelligence business and executive coach, she changes the way businesses engage their employees and clients. Simone emphasizes the human element with a focus on diversity and inclusion. She is an active member of the Tri-State Diversity Council and an advocate for women professionals and entrepreneurs.

Through her educational talks, workshops, and writing, Simone inspires women leaders and
business owners. Simone successfully launched and led products and services, implemented programs for stakeholders across the globe, and developed and trained sales, medical, and technical teams.

Key roles held include: Marketing, Communication, Medical Affairs, Promotional Regulatory / Compliance, Customer Service, and Global Business Strategy. She partnered with companies such as: Pfizer, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Medco, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Volkswagen, financial and banking industry, Medco, and Merck.

In 2013, Simone launched Your Choice Coach. Your Choice Coach leverages business strategy, emotional
intelligence, and executive coaching to help companies become more human to realize results. We provide training on personal branding, pitch your business, negotiations, and diversity, cultural competency, & Inclusive leadership.

Executive coaching is focused on emotional intelligence to help managers become better people managers.
Simone holds a BS in Pharmacy and an MBA from Howard University. She is co-author of the
book: Achieving Results, is DISC certified, Emotional Intelligence (EQI) 2.0 certified, IDI Cultural Competence
certified, Block Chain certified, Behavior Design certified, and accredited via the International Coaching Federation
(908) 376 - 6196