Mindfulness, Guided Group Practice Session

Expand Your Awareness For More Meaningful Impact

Join BlinkMinds for a guided mindfulness session designed to lead you through several practices for enhancing your awareness. When we are aware of ourselves, those around us, and the situations we are in, we have greater information and insights for responding for positive impact.

We always have an impact. Even when, maybe especially when, we do nothing. Our presence matters. How we show up influences how we feel, what other’s experience, and the outcomes of situations. We have the power to place our attention and invest our energy in ways that align with what we want to be creating in the world.

Ever sat wondering, “what was I thinking?” or “how did that happen?”, after some action or event - you know, having the sense that you were not really present for what was happening? It’s called being in autopilot, and it happens to us all. When we are in the moment, we have a deeper experience of what’s happening now and can respond from a place of intention.

In this session, we’ll expand our awareness through the experience of mindfulness. We’ll practice being in the present moment by bringing our attention to our bodies and breath, and settling our mind. The idea is that if our body is calm and our mind is clear, we can be more intentional about our choices and take action that creates the impact we want.


· Experience being grounded and present in the moment by tuning into your body and breath

· Explore how mindfulness can enhance your awareness so you make choices aligned with what you   want to be creating in the world

· Share, explore and learn from your own and others’ experiences