Defining Success For Yourself

Updated: 5 days ago

Success comes from being a person of value, rather than focusing on being a ‘success’. The more valuable you are, the more successful you will be.

By turning obstacles into advantage, I found success along my career path studying Finance and earning a master’s degree in Human Resources. Over the years, my definition of success change

d and evolved. Initially, it was achieving something tangible, like completing a course or getting my degree. My work experiences over the years in different industries shaped my definition of  success.  Now, success for me might include engaging passionately in what I’m doing, pushing myself and learning more about something I’m curious about, making connections and building relationships.

I’ve built so many skills that support me in leaning into my success: listening and asking questions, observing and being curious, and being resilient and persisting through challenges.

I now understand that whatever you do in life, it’s essential to have a purpose and motivation. I know that to be a great leader requires an innovative spirit, a growth mindset, and inspired storytelling.