Embracing Obstacles "Carrying Yourself With Confidence"

Updated: 5 days ago

When I landed in America from Turkey , I knew how to say " Hello" in English, but nothing more. I didn’t understand why everybody’s name was “Dude” or what it meant when someone asked me “What’s up?”. As I studied English that first year, I was insecure, and it was difficult to motivate myself toward the definitions of success other people gave me.

Many times, I felt like quitting.

n the end, this adventure was a great opportunity to encourage myself to navigate my passion, interests, and career in a different way. My journey taught me that when one door closes, it’s important to keep going, and many other doors will open. When I failed, which happened many times, I found some form of success in it, and I felt more and more resilient. I learned to turn obstacles into my advantage. I had redefined what success was for me!!!

So often, we miss the experience of what’s happening now because we are caught up in thoughts about what happened yesterday or busy thinking about what needs doing tomorrow. Every challenge that I faced encouraged me to THINK about the future. Thinking is not an enemy, rather it’s essential to living a meaningful life. I learned to embrace obstacles by shifting in my awareness to the now and was available for my life-my routines and habits, work and relationships. I only wish I had learned sooner how to recognize when my thoughts are being unhelpfully dragged back to the past or catapulted into the future.

There’s knowing where you are (being in the moment), having an awareness of – but not getting stuck in – where you have been (reflection), and shaping where you are going (anticipating). Finding your “True Self”, which happens through the rich experiences of life in the present moment, allows us to experience and appreciate life instead of rushing through it, constantly trying to be somewhere else.