If you have an interest in learning more about workplace culture, discovering your purpose, bringing your creativity, feeling alive at work and boosting your motivation then here’s lots of suggestions of what to read next.


Discovering your True North

This book helped me to discover my True North in life. 

You learn about Authentic leadership, the power of purpose . Once you discover the purpose of your leadership, you'll find the true leader inside you. 

Eat Sleep Work Repeat 

Inspirational book to explore workplace culture and How to get topics to bring Joy to your work life. You will learn a lot about Why are meetings so often a waste of time, and how can a walking meeting actually get decisions made? 

Dr. Babb's IDEA LAB

It is simply a place you can go to help you generate ideas, whether you need brand new ideas or have old ones that you'd like to make better. So step into Dr Babb's idea lab and learn over 50 brand new tools, tips and techniques for ideating. 

First 100 Days at Corporate Life

This is the guide that everybody should have. Your will not only have the chance to understand relationships between functions clearly in corporate life, but also increase their awareness about core company processes. What’s more, the social tips provided for corporate life, will help them to refresh their self-confidence.

Alive at Work 

I simply feel alive by reading this book ! Learned so many different ways about  "the seeking system," that rewards us for taking part in these activities. 

The 10 Foundations of Motivation

This book can change your life! I like the way that this book gives us a way to learn the ten powerful secrets of getting and staying motivated! You will read examples from real life stories.