Steven Gross Leadership Attributes - Living From Purpose

Are you ready to inspire yourself ?

How would you define " personal power" ? 

"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings"

Shelmina Babai Abji helps you to understanding the journey of self discovery and understanding our inner strengths.  We must define our success! 

How to turn work into joy 

Don't miss out Bruce Daisey's fun TED talk 

Great tips to avoid stress & burn out at work.

4 Tips to be in a Mindful state 

Tension , Focus - Practice concentration

Patrick Kozakiewicz shares more great examples about Mindfulness

7 Habits of highly successful home office workers

Angela de Longchamps talks about "How to manage the boundary between you and the people who share your home ! Click here for more videos


Our mind can be in the past and in the future but where is your body at the moment. 

Take a deep breath ! What happens to your breath when you are in stress.

Patrick Kozakiewicz helps you to think about fundamental human levels

Using Evidence to re-evaluate

modern working with Bruce Daisey

The 4 ways Idiot bosses ruined work for the rest of us. It is very interesting to hear his perspective on this topic. Don't miss out !

see some evidence at

Alper Girgin,

The Author of " 100 Days of Corporate life" for the beginners 

Check it out to get some tips for corporate work life and "Think about the new normal" approach after the Pandemic time. 

Know about yourself more

Adapt yourself to changing environment

Enable your vision

What motivates to lead you !

Responsibility or Reward based leadership ?  

Learn more from Angela de Longchamps 

She talks about the key differences that matters a lot in workplaces.

Some thoughts on resilience

Core skill for leaders, people across the world .

We are never be able to sure what would happen tomorrow 


You will own emotional wellness ! 

The Power of 5 !

Empower your senses and enhance your awareness with Patrick Kozakiewicz

First , "Find 5 things in your environment that you haven't seen before"


How to bring your best and bravest self to work  

Professor Dan Cable, the author of " Alive at Work"

Brave , Braver, Bravest !

His inspirational talk about how we create the world.

He says " If you don"t feel inspired , it is very difficult to inspire others" 

Confidence , Power , Finding Your Voice


Simone Sloan gives us great examples to find our voice with the power. 

Share what you think and make a difference with your voice.