Webinar Series



The Power Of Purpose

Steven Gross


August 13th 12:30 -1:00 pm EDT


About Webinar

The Power Of Purpose 


A lot of people are talking Purpose, Yeah I know the theory, why its important, but I hear you, its not necessarily that easy to connect your life with a meaningful purpose.

Having been through my own journey of self discovery and finding meaning, and now in the middle of some major life changes, I am back in a place of reflecting on ‘why am I here’ and ‘what are the gifts and passion I can bring to those around me?'



Given where I am, the danger for you and for me is that this could be a session where I end up sharing random thoughts on purpose, I don't think so as my purpose as it stands is to ‘to find meaning from chaos’ - therefore my aim is to provide you with some structure and a few takeaways that hopefully provoke you to find or (at least) move you closer to discovering your own purpose.


This in turn will help you bring your own gifts and passion to what you do.